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The Live Video Streaming website and technology has evolved out of the need for business to video stream events and interact with users on a live and interactive medium. 

Livevideostreaming.co.za was created to allow business leaders to interact live with their stakeholders, education institutions to interact with their students and lecturers and auctioneering and event companies to live video stream any event from anywhere in the world over the Internet.
Livevideostreaming.co.za allows the user/event coordinator to live video stream directly from their offices, boardroom or any premises with data connectivity such as 3G, 4G,LTE, satellite connectivity or any fixed data line connection. The video streaming quality and lag time of the transmission is very dependent on the quality of both the transmitting user/event coordinator and those of the receiving/end users. The user or event coordinator requires a good quality data connection in order to ensure the end user enjoys the benefits of the video stream transmission of the event.
Livevideostreaming.co.za is very different from video conferencing in the sense that the video streaming portal only streams live images from the transmitting user/event coordinator to the end user. The receiving or end user has no ability to send video streaming images and transmission back to the transmitting user or event coordinator. Livevideostreaming.co.za is therefore a one-way live transmission from an event coordinator or transmitting user to the end/receiving user on the other end. Live text data allows communication from the end user to the event coordinator or transmitting user. The technology allows each user to send live text data over the transmission back to the coordinator, and allows the coordinator to respond via live text data.
For the past two years, Livevideostreaming.co.za has been successfully transmitting live game/wildlife auctions for companies Wildlife Auctions and African Wildlife Auctions. All auctions hosted by African Wildlife Auctions at their premises in Vaalwater have been broadcast live over the Internet on the portal Livevideostreaming.co.za and all clients and interested parties of African Wildlife Auctions are able to view the live auction. The video streaming ability is therefore a tried and tested platform which has been used by several parties and has proved to be a very stable platform with quality video and clear audio transmission.
Livevideostreaming.co.za is ideal for the following:
  • CEO's or executives delivering a speech to a select audience at branches and off site offices.
  • Educational or any training institutions transmitting a live lecture to students and stakeholders.
  • Video streaming of any conference or event.
  • Live video streaming of Auction events(Wildlife, Livestock, Assets, Property, Movables, Equipment).
  • Listed Companies providing updates to the media.
  • Video streaming of concerts.
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