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Live Interactive Video Streaming is real-time streaming that is generated from a web cam or embedded camera on a laptop. Live Interactive Video Streaming allows users to broadcast in real-time to their audience. Live video streaming is an inexpensive and "human" medium that can effectively involve a community in an interactive online event. The interactive nature is as a result of the live attendees being able to interact with the presenter via a real time chat box available on

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New technology in live video streaming provides greater reliability and more importantly, greater security for live streaming events. As a result, more and more businesses are adopting streaming solutions and integrating them into their enterprise work flow processes. Live video streaming offers infinite possibilities for connecting with a wide audience on the Internet. When broadcasting live video streaming, be mindful of any copyright issues and user privacy. When approaching indi

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Video streaming events are a cost-efficient way for executives to reach large and distributed audiences. also enables businesses to capture, manage and extend the reach of video streaming for conferencing, education and training and other business communication platforms from any venue. The real value in streaming is its ability to securely broadcast real-time communication or training events to a distributed audience of customers, employees, analysts or investors.Read More

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