Live Interactive Video Streaming is real-time streaming that is generated from a web cam or embedded camera on a laptop. Live Interactive Video Streaming allows users to broadcast in real-time to their audience. Live video streaming is an inexpensive and "human" medium that can effectively involve a community in an interactive online event. The interactive nature is as a result of the live attendees being able to interact with the presenter via a real time chat box available on the user screen.

Live video streaming is fast becoming an effective means of sharing information to a large and engaged audiences.
The process of making use of is as follows:
•    Presenter to register on
•    Administrator to approve presenter’s online registration
•    Presenter can then create and schedule event
•    Administrator to approved the event
•    Presenter can then create users for the event (only applicable to closed events)
•    Email will be sent to each user with link, user name and password
•    User to “click” on link and be activated to participate on the day of the event.

Upcoming Video Streaming Events
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Demo of Video Streaming Events

African Wildlife Auctions
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