Video streaming events are a cost-efficient way for executives to reach large and distributed audiences. also enables businesses to capture, manage and extend the reach of video streaming for conferencing, education and training and other business communication platforms from any venue. The real value in streaming is its ability to securely broadcast real-time communication or training events to a distributed audience of customers, employees, analysts or investors.
Executives in the USA have realized the commercial value of live streaming and are actively investing in and incorporating live streaming solutions. A staggering 70% of respondents in the workplace in the USA said they have viewed a live-streamed broadcast at work in the past year.
Live video streaming is changing how enterprises do business. The benefits of this mode of communication can be seen in various facets of business, namely:

  • Live Video Streaming for Education
    Teachers and online trainers use to stream lectures, tutorials and other educational events. Live video streaming can make your video assets and lecturers accessible to students worldwide. It can be used as a medium to effectively train employees anywhere in the world. Lecturers and teachers can easily setup a live video streaming event and create a virtual classroom.
  • Executive Presentations
    Some messages are best conveyed in a face -to-face setting. Traditionally, live presentations of financial results were presented to investors at their premises or in conferencing facilities. Now the CEO can present the companies financial results live on the Internet to a diverse audience anywhere in the world. is ideal for companies broadcasting announcements to a diverse population of stakeholders and investors.
  • Live Streaming of Auctions
    Live streaming or webcasting is used all over the world to webcast auctions for asset, wildlife and livestock. These live webcasts stream the live auctions in real- time over the Internet to all online clients, enabling them to participate and view the auctions as and when they occur.

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