Registration as a Presenter

Brief description regarding the presenter registration

Presenter functionality and setup

The Presenter is the person that control and setup and create the video streaming event. The Presenter has the ability to create an event and create users for a "Close Event". For "Open Events" number of users are not required to be setup. For a "Close Event" the number of users are required to be setup as part of the creation of the event.

Process for Registration as a presenter

  • Select "Register" on home page
  •  Presenter complete registration details
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Mobile Phone Number
    • Telephone Number
    • Number of minutes required for video streaming event(The number of minutes captured will be the minutes required to use for the event or future events)
    • Select Send
  • Presenter will received email confirming the Registration
  • Presenter will be billed for the cost based on the number of minutes and users required
  • Presenter must pay invoice to allow for activation of event
  • Only after payment is received of the event's billing will the administrator activate Presenter on the system
  • Presenter will received email from Administrator that his or her event and registration was successful. Including in the email received by the presenter will be the log on details of the Presenter and the password for the presenter issued by the system. The Presenter then has the option to change his or her password on Live Video Streaming system after the presenter has log on with the system credentials send by per email.
  • Presenter can then upload users one by one by adding users on Presenter screen or import bulk users list from Microsoft Excel

Register as a Presenter

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