Registration as User for Close Video Streaming Event

Brief description regarding the user process and requirements to register for a "Close Event"

Process for registering as an User for a "Close Video Streaming Event"

Users for "Close Events" are created and activated by the Presenter of the specific Event. Users cannot log on or register for these events. The Presenter of the "Close Event" will capture all user details for those users to participate in the specific "Close Event". Close Event Users can therefore ONLY participate in a specific events based on an invite from the Presenter for the Event.

The process is as follow for the users invited to the close event:

  • Presenter will register the close event
  • Administrator will approve the event for the presenter and activate the Presenter to create and manage the event
  • Presenter will capture/add or import all users for the event
  • The Presenter will activate the User to participate in the event
  • Take note that ONLY users invited by the Presenter will be able to participate in the specific event
  • The Presenter will activate each user for the event. A system generated email will be send to each user invited to the "Close Event including the following:
    • Log on details/link to the event
    • Password for the user for the event
  • Please take note that the link and log on is driven by the specific users computer credentials and therefore all user to "Close Events" will only be able to log on once form a specific computer. Users will not be able to log on from another computer with the same link and credentials


User logon and registrations for Close Events

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